Friday, June 8, 2012

Faux Painting

Transform an accent wall with a distressed faux painting treatment from Constance Ramos' show, Color Correction.

Materials and Tools:
paint brush
tire brush
toilet brush
2 empty buckets
dark green paint (Benjamin Moore Brookside Moss, 2145-30)
green metallic paint (Mark's Paints Sage, ME 247)
gold paint (Mark's Paints Iridescent Gold, ME 194)
1. Pour the green metallic paint in one bucket and the dark green in another.
2. Mix the paint around with a brush to thin it out, making it more translucent.
3. Use the paint brush to add paint to the toilet (figure A) and tire brushes or dip the brushes directly in the paint.
4. Paint the wall with the cleaning brushes (figure B). The rough bristles allow you to spread the paint in rough and unpredictable streaks, which gives the wall a distressed quality.
5. Cover the wall with the gold paint to make the wall shine.